Crush Materials Corporation - Volumetric Concrete Trucks
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Providing Concrete That Is Mixed On-site For All Your Concrete Needs

                                  DBE# 38958           Small Business# 1732361

Our fleet of Mobile Concrete Dispensers, otherwise known as Volumetric Mixers, are fully capable of meeting a wide range of challenging job site circumstances regardless of how technical or difficult they may seem. And since they're completely portable, we can service your project onsite and on your timeframe, regardless of the number of yards needed. We do this by using Mobile Concrete Dispensers which are specialized trucks that have separate compartments for all the materials that are needed to create fresh concrete. This includes, but not limited to: sand, water, cement powder, and aggregate. These special trucks mix all ingredients using the newest technology to create the best concrete up to spec. This technology allows you to produce exact amounts of fresh concrete.

Advantages of Using Crush Materials For Your Concrete Needs 
  • You can create multiple mixes and multiple slumps with one truck load. Can produce up to 10 yards.
  • Easy cleanup as only one mixing auger and one container need to be cleaned. All other materials on truck stay separated and clean.
  • Environmentally friendly with no wasted materials. Only the materials that are needed in your load will be used.
  • Concrete is mixed on site, therefore it is always fresh. The Truck Operator eliminates the need for a Chute Man.
  • The computer technology is state of the art to create the best quality concrete to spec.
  • Computer generated tickets state exact measurements used in the mix. Everything is measured exactly so no discrepancies.
  • No timing or location issues.
  • Why wait weeks to drive on concrete, let us show you how we can design a mix that can be driven on in hours.
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